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Company Profile Aweb (ID 1210)

Business Area: IT Services
Majour: Internet Marketing and SEO

Company Aveb is engaged in Internet advertizing and advancement of sites on the Internet from 2006 year. In this time we have deduced in a top of search engines some hundreds sites on more than 10000 key phrases. Invaluable experience in sphere of search optimization, contextual advertizing, audit of sites is stored. Before our eyes not once algorithms of search engines cardinally changed, but it wasn't reflected in any way in quality of given services, — our experience allows to find optimum decisions of the problems put before us in deadlines.

Today in the company constantly works twelve persons. It is as much again connected to work when it is required. All employees of the company have a wide experience and high qualification.

Kiev (Head Office)

Company name: Aweb
Phone: +38 044 229 41 32
Contact person: no
Location: Dneprovsky quay 26, office 79

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