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Company Profile MegaLink (ID 1286)

Business Area: Telecommunications
Majour: Digital TV, Internet Service Providers

Company Megalink - is a service provider an easy, fast, reliable cable Internet access and a leader in providing cable Internet in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Megalink company covers all areas of our city.
The main activity is the provision of leased line Internet access for individuals and legal entities in the Dnipropetrovsk region. And also:

- Access to the Internet via leased lines and via the telephone line;
- Connect to the Internet organizations and home users;
- Domain Registration and Hosting;
- Construction of office and home local networks, and their subsequent support;
- The supply of telecommunications equipment;
- Provides data services for organizations that want to get rid of problems with communication;
- Design and organization of construction of fiber-optic communication (FOC).

We are a company providing reliable and personalized services that exceed customers' expectations. We strive to make the lives of their subscribers brighter and more interesting.
     We are confident that our customers' business, satisfied by the competent technical support, and trained staff will always be successful!

Our users have the opportunity to share information at speeds up to 100 Mbps.

When designing, it was decided to organize a Fibre Channel connection to each dwelling house, which further allows subscribers to receive a range of high quality telecommunications services (video, voice, data).

Dnipropetrovsk (Head Office)

Company name: MegaLink
Phone: (056) 790-52-90
Contact person: no
Location: 1 Sobinova st.

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