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Company Profile Globus (ID 1288)

Business Area: Telecommunications
Majour: Digital TV, Internet Service Providers

Company "Globus" - a young provider performing the connection of users as to the local network of the city and to the global Internet. Our company tries to keep pace with the times and meet the growing consumer demand for Internet resources, and therefore uses the most modern equipment and software.

Our company is ready to give everyone who wants access to the cable network. Access on a cable network - a new service. Similarly, cable television, to you in an apartment, office or other premises of the wires. In this case you do not need a telephone and a modem! And most importantly - you are online around the clock. In other words, you will receive a full leased line Internet and, moreover, are on a local computer network of the city! With this you can easily share with your friends, documents and files on the network.

The capacity of the external channel to date is 15 Mbps in the future will continue to increase.

Clients of the company Globus have anytime access to Internet radio and television, can use network resources:

    * Game servers
    * File exchanger (FTP)
    * Chat city network
    * To receive answers to their questions on the forum
    * Use the full LAN-type FTTB (Fiber To The Building optics to the home)
    * As well as our network is broadcasting 12 television channels to further expand to 200 (all of these channels are broadcast in DVD quality)

Simferopol (Head Office)

Company name: Globus
Phone: 700-699
Contact person: no
Location: 73 Kievskaya st. of. 324

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