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Company Profile ROKS (ID 1318)

Business Area: Telecommunications
Majour: Digital TV

Close-end stock company “ROKS” is a contemporary enterprise specialized in design and production of telecommunication equipment, multifunction microwave devices and modules. Cutting edge technologies, technological potential multiplied by highly skilled engineering staff allow us to stay stable in this segment.

Close-end stock company “ROKS” has been established in 1994.  A wide range of equipment and devices have found its application in communication, telecommunication and multimedia systems and multifunction microwave devices. We strive for a high quality of the produced equipment and truly respect the delivery terms. We by all rights are proud the service level provided by our equipment and technicians. In our work with customers and suppliers we pursue the following:
. Our success depends on the confidence of those who cooperate with us;
. Our customer’s and supplier’s interests are our interests too;
. We are always ready to meet the requirements of the Clients.
Our basic principle of cooperation is to redeem our customers from microwave electronics’ and telecommunication’s difficulties. Our solutions are not only advanced and reliable, but also accessible.

Kiev (Head Office)

Company name: ROKS
Phone: (+380 44) 407-2077
Contact person: no
Location: Geroev Kosmosa st. 2b

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