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Company Profile Osnova (ID 1327)

Business Area: Telecommunications
Majour: Digital TV, Internet Service Providers

Group of companies "Osnova" ™ - the only provider in Chernigov software service, which includes an analog cable and digital cable television, high speed Internet access, corporate networks.
Group of companies "
Osnova" ™ has emerged as a consequence of increased competition in the telecommunications sector, as well as the processes of globalization. At the Congress, cable operators Chernigov was decided on the joint use of the brand "foundation" on equal terms. The main feature of the joint use of the trademark is an independent tariff policy and the independent development of networks of each company using the brand.

Through direct contacts, clear and transparent policy in its relations with partners, group companies "
Osnova" ™ offer their packages in a cable television program of the best domestic and international broadcasters, while respecting international norms in the field of copyright and related rights. The most modern digital TV station, and advanced equipment to optical transport networks throughout the city convey a signal to all subscribers of "Fundamentals", enabling a reliable and continuous viewing of TV programs.

Leading market position relay services group of companies "
Osnova" ™ provides:

reasonable prices and quality of services;
timely service;
competence of staff of all structures;
ease of connection to services;
convenience of payment services;
Group of companies "
Osnova" ™ does not stop there. Invests in new areas network, improves the existing one, introduces a new additional types of service demanded by users.

Chernihiv (Head Office)

Company name: Osnova
Phone: (0462) 620-100
Contact person: no
Location: 46 A.Molodchego st. of.602

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