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2680Total companies
1390 SW development
296 SW & HW vendors
370 Telecommunications
185 Hosting
192 IT Education
361 IT Services
59 IT Recruitment




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Company Profile INMART (ID 2089)

Business Area: Telecommunications
Majour: Digital TV, Internet Service Providers

INMART company - telecom company, which represents the high-speed broadband Internet access and cable television services in Gorlovka since 1998. Today INMART provides high quality access to the resources of the World Wide Web and home network technology FTTB. Between the number of clients and quality of services we choose quality. Our goal - to provide the highest level of communications services to our subscribers. Own fiber optic network to every home - is the pride of the company

Horlivka (Head Office)

Company name: INMART
Phone: (050) 777 99 85
Contact person: n/a
Location: st. Besposchadnogo, 26

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