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Company Profile Infosoft (ID 2200)

Business Area: IT Services
Majour: Software Integration, Internet Marketing and SEO

Our first major development came to light in the last millennium - in the distant 1999. These were the corporate system for Oschadny Bank: analysis of exchange rates and volumes of foreign exchange operations by the Bank's network, the system of payment remittances Vigo, electronic exchange to trade foreign exchange resources, the control limits, and others. They facilitate the work of people systematize the accumulated and current information, and most importantly - served results to analysts and senior executives in a convenient form for the effective perception of information and operational decision making. These systems have not lost their relevance, and to this day they are actively used in the State Savings Bank.

Kiev (Head Office)

Company name: Infosoft
Phone: +380 (44) 233-83-03
Contact person: n/a
Location: st. Kutuzova, 18 / 7, off. 209

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