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Company Profile Persha Studia (ID 246)

Business Area: SW Development
Majour: Game Dev

"Persha Studia" - one of the largest and leading companies in the field of game development in Ukraine.

The company was founded in 2000, and during its existence, proved itself a reliable partner and an experienced developer of games for many of the world's leading Game Development industry, such as Electronic Arts, Namco, Disney, Zynga, Sega.

"Persha Studia" is a production studio company Nikitova.

The "First Studio" is constantly growing and evolving, as we have already taken place replenished professional game industry, as well as young, talented and promising enthusiasts.

Our company has come a long way from doing small projects for beginners and little-known companies to the level of partnership work with global industry leaders, which allowed to reach a new level in the field of game development.

Over 11 years of active development, Persha Studia built a successful and long-term relationships with leaders of the world gaming market, including half the companies from the list of association members ESA. "

Kiev (Head Office)

Company name: Persha Studia
Phone: +38 044 581 38 82
Contact person:
Location: Frunze street, 40

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