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Company Profile BN-Service Ukraina (ID 2678)

Business Area: Telecommunications
Majour: Digital TV

Licensed installation company "BN-Service Ukraine" has been working in Ukraine since 2008 and has representatives in such Ukrainian cities as:

* Kiev * Boryspil (Kyiv region)
* Kerch, Feodosia (Crimea)
* Cornflowers (Kyiv region)
* Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky (Kyiv region)
* Izmail (Odessa region)
* Kremenchuk
* Kharkov
* Chernivtsi

The main activity of the company is mounting:

- Sales, installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment (digital terrestrial television, satellite TV)


Izmail (Head Office)

Company name: BN-Service Ukraina
Phone: (096) 838-85-71
Contact person: Alexey
Location: Osypenko st.

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