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Company Profile Briz (ID 667)

Business Area: Telecommunications
Majour: Digital TV, Internet Service Providers

Our company specializes in providing customers with a complete set of telecommunications services and Internet services with follow-up technical support.With the latest technology (FTTB, IPTV, DVB-C), a powerful external channels and its own technological base, the company provides high quality telecommunications solutions, while realizing an integrated approach in service delivery.
Using technology FTTB (Fiber to the building - Fiber to the house) we provide our customers with high-speed Internet access. FTTB provides not only inaccessible to other technologies speed data transmission, but also greatly benefits in saving your money because it needs no extra cost for additional equipment. FTTB become users can each resident connected home, and you do not even need to buy expensive modems. Furthermore, the Internet based on FTTB technology involves synchronous channel, that is, the download speed and download speed will be the same, providing convenience when working with file-sharing networks.
Obtaining reliable dedicated connection, the user also gains access IPTV (Internet Protocol Television - digital interactive television in data networks protocol IP), which started our company in a test mode. The main advantage of IPTV is an interactive video services and the availability of a wide range of additional services, one of which is Video on Demand (VOD). Capabilities of IP can provide not only video services, but also a much broader package of services, including interactive and integrated.
In addition to IPTV, our company provides a range of services for retransmission in cable networks, both analog and digital TV standard, DVB-C (cable digital broadcasting). Thanks to DVB-C our customers can view a large number of television channels with high quality audio and video, protection from interference compared to analog broadcasting. In addition, digital TV and involves a higher quality of the broadcast programs.
High quality equipment used in the company BREEZE to build the network, and service guarantees a stable Internet connection. Clock support for customers on the phone, engineering service, operating seven days a week, a specialized portal subscribers - a pledge of reliability from the company BREEZE.

Odessa (Head Office)

Company name: Breeze
Phone: +38 048 797 20 10
Contact person: no
Location: st. Bocharova, 2

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