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Company Profile Dialekt (ID 710)

Business Area: Telecommunications
Majour: Digital TV, Internet Service Providers

Broadcaster "dialect" in the market of cable television services in Lviv in 1997, carrying out maintenance of networks broadcasting in the city in accordance with the license of the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine and the license of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio.

At the moment, creating a broadband network is almost completed. The bulk of residents in several districts of Lviv is the subscriber television "dialect."

Since 2007, our company provides digital television service. For the first time in Lviv excellent quality of digital television available to all subscribers of "dialect". Today, a network of TC "dialect" relay 107 channels, but also makes it possible to access the Internet. Our subscribers have access to the Internet via cable (one cable television) since 2006.

Broadcast cable TV channels in digital format provides studio level image without any loss during delivery of the signal to the subscriber.

The company is constantly working to improve the image quality - has united the most distant points of the block, fiber-optic lines, partly to replace existing lines on the fiber.

Digital television, becoming a kind of revolution in the media of Europe, is now available and Lviv viewers. This is a step in the future to meet audience needs and tastes of TV subscribers "dialect."

Lviv (Head Office)

Company name: Dialekt
Phone: +38 032 295 38 20
Contact person: no
Location: st. Konovalca 103/420 - Tourist Hotel

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