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2680Total companies
1390 SW development
296 SW & HW vendors
370 Telecommunications
185 Hosting
192 IT Education
361 IT Services
59 IT Recruitment




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IT companies. Ukraine

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ID Company Name Main Business Area Location (Head office)
TOP VILMATE SW Development Kharkiv
TOP Hosting Kharkiv
TOP TEAM International SW Development Kharkiv
TOP Softkey SW & HW vendors Kiev
TOP Sitecore Ukraine SW Development Dnipropetrovsk
TOP PremiumSEO IT Services Kiev
TOP Perspectiva-XXI vek IT Education Kiev
TOP Persha Studia SW Development Kiev
TOP Materialise SW Development Kiev
TOP IT Professional Group IT Recruitment Kiev
TOP Infosoft IT Services Kiev
TOP HumanLab IT Recruitment Kharkiv
TOP Global IT IT Services Kiev
TOP Gameloft SW Development Kharkiv
TOP EveryZ SW Development Ukraine
TOP Efisco SW Development Kharkiv
TOP Ciklum SW Development Kiev
TOP Blue Fountain Media Ukraine SW Development Kharkiv
TOP Bitte! Hosting Ukraine
TOP Aweb IT Services Kiev
1422 Я SW Development Kiev
87310 Фомин&Partners IT Services Ukraine
252 Тотем SW Development Kiev
38202 студия интернет-маркетинга "Adver Media" IT Services Dnipropetrovsk
2313 Сomputorg SW & HW vendors Odessa
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1 2 ... 107 108