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2680Total companies
1390 SW development
296 SW & HW vendors
370 Telecommunications
185 Hosting
192 IT Education
361 IT Services
59 IT Recruitment




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IT companies. Kryvyi Rih

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ID Company Name Main Business Area Location (Head office)
2779 ABFX — Internet Solutions Agency SW Development Ukraine
1057 Academy Kruchinina IT Education Dnipropetrovsk
623 alba Telecommunications Kryvyi Rih
1743 Armada SW Development Kryvyi Rih
2413 Artbas Studio SW Development Ukraine
674 CityNet Telecommunications Kryvyi Rih
1462 CrazyOne SW Development Kryvyi Rih
2121 DarkWood Telecommunications Kryvyi Rih
1313 E-Service Telecommunications Kryvyi Rih
1750 SW Development Kryvyi Rih
1470 Flabers SW Development Kryvyi Rih
1690 InfoPost IT Recruitment Dnipropetrovsk
1749 Intelweb SW Development Kryvyi Rih
2871 Internet Agency Miropage SW Development Kryvyi Rih
700 ISP Comfort Telecommunications Kryvyi Rih
2279 Krivoy Rog Economic Institute of the Kiev National Economic University. V. Getman IT Education Kryvyi Rih
2278 Krivoy Rog State Pedagogical University IT Education Kryvyi Rih
1120 Krivoyrogskii Technical University IT Education Kryvyi Rih
906 Kryvbasacademinvest SW Development Kryvyi Rih
2891 Like Company IT Services Kryvyi Rih
735 MG Telecommunications Kryvyi Rih
980 MirComputer SW & HW vendors Kryvyi Rih
1742 MirITPro SW Development Kryvyi Rih
1745 NetMake SW Development Kryvyi Rih
2205 IT Services Kiev
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