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2680Total companies
1390 SW development
296 SW & HW vendors
370 Telecommunications
185 Hosting
192 IT Education
361 IT Services
59 IT Recruitment




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IT companies. Rivne

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ID Company Name Main Business Area Location (Head office)
549 Airbites Telecommunications Kharkiv
1454 Div-art SW Development Rivne
2187 GURU IT Recruitment Rivne
2287 National university of water management and nature resources use IT Education Rivne
1653 SW Development Rivne
2296 Rivne State Humanitarian University IT Education Rivne
577 Rivne TBM Telecommunications Rivne
2153 Sat-Rivne Telecommunications Rivne
1245 Seograph IT Services Rivne
147 SoftServe SW Development Lviv
2221 Syteg IT Services Rivne
1583 Zagrava SW Development Rivne
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