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IT Education in Ukraine

According to the poll carried out by the portal in May 2011 each fifth user of the portal would have chosen IT specialty for the studying if he/she had been school-leaver now. Indeed, for IT specialists the employer provides the best working conditions. Average salaries offered by employers for IT specialists are higher then in other branches in Ukraine. (IT Salaries Review). On the labour market there is a stable and high demand for IT specialists – all this makes IT education perspective and attractive for intellectual youth.

Technical Specialties in Institutes of Higher Education in Ukraine

About 103 IHE in Ukraine provide services of the education in information technologies sphere. IT education in Ukraine can be obtained at the following specialties:

Name of training branch

Area of Training

Specialty name

System sciences and cybernetics

Applied mathematics

Applied mathematics

Computer mathematics

Mathematical and computer modeling




Applied informatics

Social informatics

Informational-communication technologies

System analysis

System analysis and control

Systems and methods of decision making

Informatics and computer engineering

Computer sciences

Information management systems and technologies

Information technologies of designing

System designing

Systems of artificial intelligence

Computer ecology-economical monitoring

Computer and engineering

Computer systems and networks

System programming

Specialized computer systems

Program engineering

Systems software

Software engineering

Automation and control

Systems engineering

Computerized control systems and automatics

Computerized robot-technical systems

Computer systems of moving objects control (according to the types of vehicles)

Automation and computer-integrated technologies

Automated control of technical processes

Computer-integrated technological processes and manufacturing

Automatics and automation on transport (according to the types of vehicles)

The Best Technical Universities of Ukraine


Several institutions of Ukraine, who train IT specialists have been included into TOP 12000 of international rating Webometrics. It has been carried out by Cybermetrics Lab ( ), which is a part of research group CSIC, under Spanish Ministry of Education. Among the establishments which have been included into ratings are Kiev National University of Taras Shevchenko, Donetsk National Technical University, Kharkiv National University by Karazin. However, according to the data by portal , the developers thinks that best Ukrainian higher educational establishments which provide IT education are Kiev KPI and University by Taras Shevchenko, Lviv Polytechnics, Kharkiv KHNURE, Odessa Polytechnic and Donetsk DNTU.


In average, each year, more 12 000 of IT specialists are graduate from higher educational establishments in Ukraine.

Other Possibilities of Training

A majority of students during study start work by occupation or similar to the specialty sphere in order to get practical experience. Among the IT specialties undergraduates the free lance is wide-speared, and also full employment or underemployment in IT companies.

Besides graduates of IT specialties, the graduates of other specialties become programmers as well. Self-studying is wide-speared among IT specialists and the one who would like to become them. Besides self-studying for the study and professional development of IT specialists in Ukraine there are a number of IT communities, training centers, courses and certification centers. Each year the international conferences under the direction of such world famous brands like Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO etc are carried out. Anyone has a possibility to learn something, as well as pass the exams and get certified by Microsoft, Oracle, RedHat, Cisco, IBM,Novell, Sun Microsystem, PMP, Scrum and others.

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