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About Lviv

L’viv or Lviv, also Lvov, capital of L'viv Oblast, Ukraine. The city is an important transportation and industrial center; manufacturing includes electronic equipment, motor vehicles, agricultural machinery, chemicals, textiles, and processed food. Long a leading cultural center, L'viv is the site of the L’viv State University (1784, but the first high school - academy - was founded by king Jan Kazimierz of Poland in 1661) and a number of theaters and museums. It is the seat of Roman Catholic, Ukrainian Uniate, and Armenian Christian archbishops and has two churches dating from the 14th century.

L'viv in Red Ruthenia was founded about 1256 and soon became an important commercial center. Captured by the Poles in 1340, the city remained part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commenwealth until 1772, when it was annexed Austria during Poland's partitions. The city still boasts many beautiful examples of Polish architecture, including a statue of Adam Mickiewicz. As part of the Austrian Empire, it was renamed Lemberg and made the capital of the province of Galicia. In 1910 the population consisted of: 175,000 Poles, 21,000 Ukrainians, 9,000 Austrians and Germans. During World War I (1914-18) bitter fighting took place in and around the city. In 1919, during the Polish-Soviet War, L'viv (or Lwow in Polish, meaning the city of lions) was returned to a newly independent Poland. It was seized by Soviet troops in 1939, during World War II, and later was occupied by the German army from 1941 to 1944. In 1945 L'viv was handed to Stalin by the allies and annexed into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and became part of the Ukrainian SSR. Ukraine became an independent nation in 1991. Population (1999 estimate) 786,147.

The city still receives many Polish tourists and, as relations between Ukraine and Poland finally improve, this is set to increase. The city itself has a wonderful array of attractions, particularly for those interested in the history of this part of the world. Although there is clearly scope for improvement, both for the inhabitants and for the tourist industry, the people are extremely friendly and helpful, making this city a must for anyone traveling in Eastern Europe.

Useful information


                Hotel                         Number of rooms          Price           Phone number     

Hotel Dnister ****

6, Mateyko str.








Hotel Hetman ***

50, V.Velykoho str.








- airport

International Airport “Lviv”

Address: 168, Liubinska str.

Phone number: +38(032)229-81-12

- railway

Train station

Address: 1, Voksalnaja str.

Phone number: +38(032)226-52-76

- bus station

Central autostation Lviv

Address: 109, Striyskaja str.

Phone number: +38(032)242-45-05

- public transport

Lviv has an extensive tram and mini-bus network. Mini-buses (4 UAH, approximately 0.15 USD) are known as marshrutky and follow a set route, but without a fixed timetable or stops. To indicate a desire to board, extend one arm as the marshrutka approaches; simply ask the driver to stop when you would like to get off. Trams and trolleybuses cost 2 UAH (0.08 USD) (tickets for students are 1 UAH(0.04 USD)). You can purchase tickets from any news kiosk or from driver in tram. Ask for a "tramvainyi bilet". Keep in mind that if you are carrying a piece of luggage larger than a backpack you will need to purchase a second ticket for it. Once inside the tram, be sure to validate your ticket(s) by punching them in one of the metal punches mounted on the walls. An inspector may come around to check your ticket - these people do not wear uniforms but flash a little badge. It's interesting to note that mostly all of the drivers of the trams and ticket checkers are women.

- taxi

Taxis are available throughout the city, and the city center is swarming with them at night. When they aren't equipped with a meter you must agree on a price with the driver ahead of time. It's usually cheaper when taxi do have meter.

                 Name                        Phone number     Name        Phone number       

Taxi 3933


Taxi 838


Optima Taxi

+38(067) 607-4-242 

+38(032) 242-8-242

Taxico Taxi

+38(063) 245-37-37

Ekonom-avto Taxi

+(032) 257-77-77

Maximum Taxi





 Shevchenko avenue, 10 

 12 Sichovykh Striltsiv St.

+38 (044) 391-46-99


Prices:$- Inexpensive● $$- Moderate ● $$$ - Expensive

Name: Amadei                                           

Cuisine: Italian, French

Address: 7 Katedralnaja street

Telephone:+38(032)235-63-16,+38(032) 297-80-22

Hours: 10:00-23:00

Prices: $$$

Name: Prague                                            

Cuisine: Czech, European, Ukrainian

Address: 8 Gnatuka street


Hours: 10.00 - 24.00

Prices: $$

Name: Kumpel'

Cuisine: Galician

Address: 6 Vinnichenko street

Telephone: +38(032)242-17-80

Hours: 11:00-24:00

Prices: $$

Name: Kupol

Cuisine: European, Galician

Address: 37 Chaikovskogo street

Telephone: +38(032)261-44-54, +38(032)261-01-82

Hours: 11:00-23:00

Prices: $$

Name: Veronica

Cuisine: European, Ukrainian

Address: 21 Shevchenko ave

Telephone: +38(032)298-60-28, +38(032)261-44-56

Hours: 09:00 - 23:00

Prices: $$$

Medical care

Monada (diagnostic centre, medical centre)

Address: 32 Patona Street

Phone number: +38(032)269-39-52

Svit zdorovya

Address: 32, Doroshenko str.

Phone number: +38(032)274-06-77

Central Military Clinical Hospital of Western Operational Command No. 1120

Address: 26 Lychakivska Street

Phone number:  +38(032)275-57-85

Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Hospital

Address:4 Ozarkevycha Street 

Phone number: +38(032)272-86-86

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