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Cost of Internet in Ukraine


Average cost on existing types of Internet connection in Ukraine, according to the data of leading Internet Providers. 

Type of connection

       Connection Speed


Cable Internet

       till 100 mbps

7-17 USD/monthly

Ethernet or Shdsl Internet connection

Monthly fee for Internet connection usage with the help of Ethernet or Shdsl technologies

        1 mbps

10 USD/monthly

Monthly fee for internet connection usage using Ethernet or Shdsl technologies 

       10 mbps

15 USD/monthly


       incoming from 512 kbps

       to 24 mbps        

       | outgoing 3 mbps

From 3 USD to 50 USD monthly


       from 512 kbps

From 10 USD monthly

EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution)

       till 473,6 kbps.

from 0,01 per Mb


       till 20 mbps.

Up to 30 USD monthly

3 G

       till 14.7 mbps

from 12 USD monthly + traffic

Satellite Internet

       till 1024 kbps

from 20 USD monthly


       till 56 kbps

till 6,00 USD monthly


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